Welcome to Do Good LA

Thursday May 2, 2013 by Carolyn

Do Good LA represents the best of Los Angeles. It embraces the spirit of innovation, creativity, positivity and service that are part of the essence of our city and region.

Through our website and the Do Good LA community, we are spreading the world about what is happening, largely under the radar, to make a positive difference here and around the world. We strive to be a purveyor of information and news, a facilitator of connections, and a catalyst for change.

Do Good LA covers all manifestations of the socially entrepreneurial spirit in our community--nonprofits, businesses with a social mission, philanthropists, inventors, educators, and more. We seek to minimize boundaries among sectors and people because innovation comes from the collison of ideas from a wide range of sources.

This website is open source, meaning that all of the information is free. Also, the content on the site is solely determined by the Do Good LA team. There is no payment involved. We just want to share the news of the exciting, inspiring and important work that is being accomplished here .

We invite you to be part of the Do Good LA community and to check in regularly for news and updates. Please join Do Good LA on Facebook and Twitter and share the site with your community.

Thank you!

Carolyn, Elise, Emily-Rose and Philip