Our Mission

What is Do Good LA?

Do Good LA is the go-to resource for those interested in knowing about or supporting social entrepreneurism in Los Angeles and Southern California. It is an online directory, a community, and a facilitator. Look at it as the traffic director that leads you to your next avenue or destination.

What is its mission?

Do Good LA champions innovation that drives social change in Los Angeles and beyond. Our goal is to trumpet LA as a mecca for those engaged in enlightened humanitarian work and to re-brand our city as a hub of cutting edge social enterprise.

How does Do Good LA pursue its mission?

Through our online directory and news source that facilitates the work of social entrepreneurs and informs potential donors or investors of their work.
Through the community that we nurture as we optimize the opportunities for doing good in our hometown. Do Good LA introduces you to--or further engages you in--a feel-good world of which you yearn to be a part, regardless of the monetary or timewise size of your contributions.
Through working with policy makers and others to create an environment that attracts the most inspired and innovative social enterprise organizations and business ventures.
And through serving as a catalyst by providing the context, information, contacts and community to make it all possible.

Who is Do Good LA for?

Do Good LA is for social entrepreneurs, whether they work for nonprofits or businesses, inventors of products that have humanitarian applications, students and professors, board members and retirees, policy makers, those who provide goods or services to social entrepreneurs, and for donors and investors. It is for you.
Just who are social entrepreneurs? It has been said that a social entrepreneur is a combination of Mother Teresa and Richard Branson. Though there are many definitions, for our purposes, social entrepreneurs are those who apply innovative approaches to social change often using enlightened business concepts as tools to achieve their missions. The entities and companies that social entrepreneurs create are social enterprises. These entities may be nonprofit organizations or companies that have a social purpose plus profit mission.
This website is just the beginning of a nation-wide effort that will pave the way for other cities, groups and individuals to Do Good and ultimately connect through social entrepreneurship.