L.A. sizzling with creative energy; CA bursting with ingenuity

Monday May 4, 2015 by Carolyn

We Californians (especially Angelenos) are accustomed to put downs from New Yorkers--We are used to the hearing and reading the ill-formed stereotypes...you know the ones. 

So it was a surprise when today's New York Times featured two positive and prominent pieces about California and one, specifically, about Los Angeles. 

The first--a full page cover story by Timothy Egan in the "Sunday Review" section is titled "The End of California?" After a lengthy description of the state's historical relationship with water and issues related to the drought, the author answers the question he poses in the title: "Ingenuity created an Eden, and ingenuity will save it, despite those who imagine the state is doomed." 
The second--the main story on the cover of the "Sunday Styles" section by Alex Williams, is titled "Escape from New York" with the subtitle "Los Angeles sheds its role as punch line, and once-superior New Yorkers are heading west." As the author states, "Los Angeles, with its year-round sunshine and sizzling creative energy, proves hard to resist.
Los Angeles, in the great state of California, is the place to be, for social entrepreneurs, creatives, and those pursuing their dreams.
(Photo from Moby Architecture Blog)