Powerful Collaboration Creates Huge Hunger Relief Effort in LA

Wednesday June 10, 2020 by Carolyn

Like so many Angelenos, Austin Beutner and Anthony Pritzker were distressed that the Covid-19 pandemic had dramatically increased the food insecurity experienced by so many in the community. Government efforts were inadequate and slow. 

So, Beutner, superintendent of the LAUSD, and Anthony Pritzker, philanthropist and a member of one of the nation's most prominent families (Hyatt), decided to take action. It only took at 20-minute phone call between the long-time friends to create the charity L.A. Students Most in Need.

The duo quickly enlisted the financial help of others--including Reed Hastings, founder an CEO of Netflix, the Chuck Lorre Family Foundation, the Ballmer Group, Creative Artists are among the donors. See's and Mattel signed on as well.

Since mid-March, L.A., Students in Need has raised approximately $12 million and serves 500,000 meals a day to children and adults from 63 school facilities across the city staffed by LAUSD employees and Red Cross volunteers.

Read from article from Inside Philanthropy to learn much more about this expansive and effective initiative.