Los Angeles needs a new flag!

Thursday October 1, 2015 by Carolyn

Did you recognize the image on this post as the flag of Los Angeles? Probably not. Designed and proclaimed the city's official flag in 1931, it has fallen into obscurity, visible only in city offices and courtrooms. To us at Do Good LA, it symbolizes municipal bureaucracy, not the vibrancy of our Los Angeles.

Known as the "fiesta" flag, it references the city's past: The red represents the vineyards, the golden-yellow depicts the orange groves, and the green symbolizes the olive trees. The colors of the flag are also found in the flags of Spain and Mexico, whose past was very important in the early history of Los Angeles. The replica of the City Seal is shown in the center of the flag.

It's important to honor our city's past, but it is time for this flag to be displayed in an appropriate museum setting.  We need a new flag for the Los Angeles of today.

A group of Angelenos have banded together to call for a flag that represents our city--one that captures the dynamism and spirit of the city, that is simple and stunning, one that we would fly with pride. Check out the Los Angeles Flag website for a convincing argument for the need for a new flag and sign its petition.

"A great city deserves a great flag." Agree?