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Good Land Organics is at the forefront of sustainable crop production in California. Nestled in the hills of Goleta, Good Land Organics is located at Condor Ridge Ranch, a certified organic and unique ecosystem. The rich clay loam, free of chemical pesticides, produces Calimoya (TM) brand cherimoyas, Hass avocados, dragon fruit, passion fruit, coffee beans and caviar limes, among other crops. The farm now boasts nearly one hundred different, organic fruiting plants.

Good Land Organics periodically provides educational tours during which the owner Jay Ruskey explains the dynamics of new crop adaptation and integration of organic tree fruit agriculture while hiking around the ranch and enjoying the crops that are grown there. Fruits and coffee from Good Land Organics are available for purchase through its online store.

Ruskey and his team also provide a range of services to farmers and landowners seeking to build or improve their agricultural systems. They believe that good land stewardship and good food production demands an understanding of the complex interconnections that exist among a farm, the natural environment, and the local community.

A sampling of the services Good Land Organics provides:
        •  Crop risk analysis
        •  Strategic planning for agricultural and property use
        •  Certified organic transition planning
        •  Agricultural/property review for buyers, sellers and brokers
        •  Facilitating agriculture land use, permitting and plan design
        •  Grading, drainage and land development
        •  Design of innovative farming system
        •  Construction management
        •  Agricultural-bio waste building materials

Selected Awards:
Innovative Small Farmer of the Year Award presented to Jay Ruskey
University of California, 2010


Product or Service:
• Food
• Agricultural Systems Planning & Design

Jay Ruskey
Founder & CEO


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Triple Bottom Line:

Good Land Organics is growing organic coffee in Santa Barbara County.