OriginOil, Inc. has developed an energy industry cleantech process for harvesting algae and cleaning up oil and gas water. The algae harvesting system, the Algae Appliance, processes algae from the growth pond removing 99% of the water which leaves an algae slurry for further processing into final products.

Removing the water from the algae "kool-aid" is the biggest challenge to the algae industry. The cleaning of oil and gas water system, Solids Out of Solution, removes over 98% of the organic material, such as oil, from frac or produced water. This is a major concern, both because of the cost of disposal and the environmental impact.  

Both systems use a proprietary process called Single Step Extraction. The process is a high-speed continuous and chemical-free process. It is typically embedded in other systems as the first stage to improve performance. Originally invented to solve the biggest problem in algae production, it is now finding demand in oil and gas fracking and production water cleanup, an immediate and fast-growing market that desperately needs clean technology solutions.

The world is far too dependent on crude oil, and alternative sources of energy are required.  OriginOil's technology to harvest algae will enable algae to become a major source of biomass which can be converted to fuels, chemicals and food.

OriginOil's technology to treat frac and produced water not only allows more oil to be recovered at the well head, but it also helps solve a major environmental issue. Currently most contaminated frac and produced water is disposed of in wells, causing a major environmental concern.

To view videos regarding OriginOil, click here. For an overview on algae as an energy source, click here.


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