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Open Neighborhoods provides a social media platform to connect local neighborhoods with free Wi-Fi and affordable solar power. It works with municipalities and community organizations to deliver programs offering discounted group purchasing, financing options and Open Wi-Fi mesh broadband. Open Neighborhoods also offers a Green Power for Communities program to engage community-wide adoption of clean energy. In addition, the organization features a network of neighborhood blogs, email newsletters and social networks that reach local residents and businesses.

The Open Neighborhoods Community Solar program was recognized by Renewable Energy World as the most cost-effective solar power plant in the world due to its ability to deliver electricity at a a low cost per kilowatt-hour. Open Neighborhoods is working with communities in Venice, Silverlake, Mar Vista, Santa Monica and across Los Angeles County to establish and achieve neighborhood-wide clean energy goals through wide participation in its Green Power for Communities program.

Open Neighborhoods Wi-Fi has delivered free and affordable broadband Internet to thousands of users with the support of neighborhood residents and businesses that are safely and securing sharing broadband Internet.

The Open Neighborhoods network of advertiser-sponsored community websites engage local leaders and neighborhood stakeholders via online blogs, photos, groups, videos, events and classifieds. The organization also publishes The Open Daily, a digital news publication featuring neighborhood events, issues and businesses in the communities its serves.

Open Neighborhoods seeks to ensure that every community has access to fast and affordable Internet with the goal of supporting education, commerce and communications. It seeks to achieve community-wide adoption of clean power and to continue as a leader in bringing affordable solar energy to neighborhoods.

Open Neighborhoods is a B-Certified Corporation. Check out its B-impact report by clicking here.


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