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Inside Philanthropy pulls back the curtain on funders large and small. It does this in two ways. First, its team of editors and reporters is constantly interviewing and researching funders to give you the inside scoop, along with hands-on advice. Second, the site's information comes from its community of users like you. By rating and reviewing funders and contributing to IP's fundraising guides, users shed light on how funders operate and how best to approach them.

IP knows that you crave the inside scoop on foundations and individual donors--and that you need a safe space to share your expertise and constructive feedback with funders. It wants to give you both while helping to improve the philanthropic sector at the same time.

IP's staff includes editors covering K-12 education, higher education, technology, finance, health, science, and the arts. In addition, editors focus on local philanthropy (including community foundations), global philanthropy, and emerging trends.

Here are just a few ways in which you can improve philanthropy by becoming part of the IP community:

  • Become a subscriber and receive regularly updates. Subscriber fees support IP's research.
  • Take a moment to rate and review the program officers you have worked with, as well as foundations and individual donors (all reviews and comments are moderated and strictly anonymous--even to the editors of IP.)
  • Improve IP's fundraising guides and reporting with your own insights. 







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