Resnick Sustainability Institute


The Resnick Institute is Caltech’s Studio for Sustainability--where rigorous science and bold creativity come together to address complex sustainability issues.

The Institute’s scientists striving to attain a daunting and urgent goal -- powering the planet with renewable energy by concentrating significant scientific resources on a handful of core areas that promise to help meet the growing global demand for energy by both improving the efficiency of emerging renewable energy technologies and dramatically lowering their cost.

In addition to its research, the Institute offers a Distinguished Lecture Series (open to the public) as well as student competitions that award the accomplishments of the next generation of cleantech innovators. These include the Sustainability Innovation Student Challenge Award, the First Look West competition and the Solar Decathlon.

In 2013, the Institute launched the Resonate Awards to honor breakthrough achievements in energy science and sustainability.

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Resnick Sustainability Institute

Neil Fromer
Executive Director

Dr. Harry Atwater
Director, Resnick Institute
Howard Hughes Professor of Applied Physics & Material Sciences