People for Parks


People for Parks is working toward the day when every child in Los Angeles has a safe park within walking distance.

Established by volunteers in 1994, People for Parks is committed to restoring and creating vibrant, safe and accessible parks for all of Los Angeles.

Today, the organization is working with partners to fight budget cutbacks on our city's critically needed parks. They are also finding creative solutions to quickly add park space to our most densely populated neighborhoods and initiating prevention programs to make existing parks safer and more accessible.

In addition, People for Parks is converting asphalt paved school yards with grass. Students can engage in healthy activities during school days, on the weekends, and during vacations. The organization is also creating vegetable grades at schools and teaching children about health eating habits and the joy of growing their own food.

Through its One Watts-Watts Unido program, People for Parks brings together middle school kids from rival gang-impacted neighborhoods to build friendships through soccer.

In 2015, People and Parks received a $100,000 grant from the Goldhirsh Foundation's LA2050 initiative.




Anna Gruben
Executive Director

Los Angeles

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Los Angeles

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