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The California Community Foundation (CCF) has been an essential community advocate in the Los Angeles area since 1915. With more than $1 billion in assets, CCF is one of the largest foundations of its kind in the nation.

As a community foundation, CCF is a nonprofit organization committed to transformative change across Los Angeles and around the world. It provides information regarding pressing societal challenges, services to donors, and funding to selected nonprofits.
The CCF's competitive grants help improve the quality of lives of countless residents throughout Los Angeles County--and, in the process, they help strengthen the entire nonprofit sector in the region. This makes the CCF more than a typical funder; it partners with nonprofit organizations to maximize their impact by offering long-term funding opportunities, core operating support, capacity building assistance, and policy advocacy support as well as grants toward capital projects. In addition, the CCF provides a range of resources to its grantees.
All grant applicants must serve low-income or underserved communities in Los Angeles County and meet the strategic criteria of the area to which they apply. The CCF invests in five core program areas: Education, Health Care, Human Development, and Housing/Neighborhoods.

The CCF also invests in multiyear, multimillion dollar initiatives that address specific issues or areas in Los Angeles County. These initiatives emphasize a targeted strategy, long-term support and effective collaboration, and they seek to leverage resources among funders to maximize the power of philanthropy.

An example is BLOOM, which seeks to reduce the prison incarceration rate among 14-18 year-old Black males in Los Angeles who were previously involved in the country probabtion department by a minimum of 10%. Another example is the Immigrant Integration Initiative, which creates pathways to strengthen social, economic and civic engagement for immigrants and communities in the county.

In addition, the CCF makes program-related investments. For instance, it makes low-interest loans to organizations in support of affordable housing, health care facility expansion, and other human services projects.

The CCF's website includes a wide range of reports, research studies, and policy papers on a range of topics. The site also provides policies, forms and governance documents that can be modified for use by nonprofits and donors. And much more.

The CCF provides a donor with the opportunity to realize his or her philanthropic vision by establishing a foundation or fund that is an efficient and effective vehicle for giving. The CCF works closely with the donor to customize a solution that meets his or her situation and objectives by drawing upon the organization’s extensive consulting and research services.


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