StartEngine is a rapid accelerator focused on helping Los Angeles-based technology startups build a solid foundation for success in 90 days. Created by Howard Marks, co-founder of Activision, and Paul Kessler, one of the most prolific investors in Los Angeles, StartEngine provides local startups with the essential resources and counsel they need to become successful, self-directed businesses. It requires startups to have two or more founders, and one of the founders must be an engineer.
StartEngine offers a team of mentors who have proven themselves as successful entrepreneurs—not professional investors—ensuring that its startups are guided by the right people for the right reasons. Early-stage companies in the web, mobile and ecommerce space are encouraged to apply for the program, which culminates in Demo Days that are attended by the region’s top angel investors and venture capitalists.
StartEngine admits about 15 startups for each calendar quarter. These startups receive up to $20,000 in funding and are paired with a mentor who has had success in the same industry.  Startups are given office space within the StartEngine offices. Every week the startups are challenged with meetings with subject domain experts who can help answer tough questions.  Startups follow a program that will help them build their product or service and receive early customers  demonstrate the need and value of the business.
StartEngine provides its startups with lots of perks. They include legal services, financial advice, human resources services and administrative support, terrific office space, gym and health bar access, and weekly meals with industry icons and leaders.


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Howard Marks
Founder & CEO


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