Levitt Pavilions


Levitt Pavilions is the only national network of outdoor music venues presenting free concert series. The organization is passionate about reinvigorating America's public spaces and creating opportunities for everyone to experience the performing arts. The need for more third places--those informal gathering spots outside the realms of home and the workplace--has become increasingly clear in today's world and guides the Levitt Pavilions' board and staff in their community-driven efforts.

The Levitt Pavilions' goal is to reflect the best of American city life by creating community and social interaction among people of all ages and backgrounds; empowering cities across America to reclaim green spaces and reinvigorate public spaces; and ensuring the performing arts are accessible to all through high quality, free concerts.

Headquartered in Beverly Hills, Levitt Pavilions currently has six music venues across the United States, each offering more than 50 free concerts every year featuring acclaimed artists in all music genres. More than half a million people experience the joy of Levitt every year. 

The success of each Levitt venue arises from the close collaboration of the local Friends of Levitt nonprofit organization, City government and the national Levitt Pavilions organization. Through an innovative philanthropy program supported by the Mortimer & Mimi Levitt Foundation, Levitt Pavilions offers participating cities financial assistance and a support system to buld and sustain their own Pavilion.

In Southern California, there are Levitt Pavilions at Memorial Park in Pasadena and MacArthur Park in Los Angeles.




Liz Levitt Hirsh

Sharon Yazowski
Executive Director

Beverly Hills 

Area Served:
National with Levitt Pavilions
in Pasadena and L.A.

# of employees:

Nonprofit (Donations + earned income)


Levitt Pavilion at Pasadena's Memorial Park
Audience at Levitt Pasadena
Levitt Pavilion at L.A.'s MacArthur Park