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Claremont Lincoln University, a new model in graduate education, works with global thought leaders and change-agents to develop its innovative, primarily online degree programs. 

CLU's Master's in Social Impact degree teaches the capacities needed for mindful leaders--particularly, though not exclusively, in the social and civil sectors--to envision, implement, and adapt efforts that generate positive and sustainable impact within and/or beyond their organizations and communities. It is intended for those emerging leaders with entrepreneurial spirits seeking the skills and perspectives to be intrapreneurs in their organizations, change-agents in their communities, or catalysts for new social endeavors.

The program exposes students to different methods for understanding, engages them in constructing models for change, and demonstrates how to scale the impact of these models.

Graduates of the M.A. in Social Impact program will be able to:

  • Understand the history and heritage of social change and innovation
  • Function as humanistic change agents skilled and knowledgeable about how to catalyze and sustain changes in social systems
  • Lead empathetically and develop organizational strategies built on principles of mindfulness and compassion
  • Develop contemporary strategies for designing and implementing initiatives that generate positive social impact grounded in values and mindfulness principles
  • Employ evaluation and learning approaches for systems change and social innovation



Claremont Lincoln University

Master's Degree in Social Impact

Michael Harnar
Director of Social Impact

(Online program)