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At Cage Free Productions, they believe in the power of storytelling to actualize change; for them it’s more than thinking differently about video, it’s reconsidering how to communicate your vision to the world. From content strategies to campaigns, films to apps, Cage Free Productions create the Vision of the Movement- the vision of a better world. It’s your vision; it’s our vision.

They create brand narratives and refining brand strategy to make their clients mroe effective in achieving their goals. They evolved into offering a holistic visual communications strategy with story telling at its core. This is how they believe they can make the biggest impact.

"We create stories to inspire, to educate, and to engage - it’s what we do. Yet, we want them to touch others as they’ve touched us. Authentic stories that touch your heart and stimulate your mind are central to making an impact, but they need to be properly positioned. They need to be targeted. Our unique expertise accelerates this process - we build trust to build community. Through data driven insights we develop strategy for effective and efficient digital marketing campaigns."


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Film Services


Paul J. Lynch
Founder & CEO

Santa Barbara


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