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The Weingart Foundation seeks to build better communities by providing assistance to people in need, thereby helping them to lead more rewarding and productive lives,

It gives highest priority to activities that provide greater access to people who are economically disadvantaged and underserved. Of particular interest are organizations that specifically address the needs of low-income children and youth, older adults, and people affected by disabilities and homelessness.
The Weingart Foundation is committed to fortifying nonprofits in the LA area by helping to address their capacity-building needs and resources through its grants program.

The Foundation’s website provides information on funding criteria and the application process along with illuminating reports on what the organization is learning through its grantmaking. The website also includes studies published by other organizations focusing on philanthropy and societal needs.
The Foundation takes pride in being a responsive grantmaker that recognizes and responds to the needs of its applicants and grantees. It identifies needs through ongoing communication with its grantees as well as through focus groups and convenings of funders and nonprofits.

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Fred J. Ali
President & CEO

Downtown LA

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Greater LA

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