Teens Exploring Technology (TXT)


Teens Exploring Technology (TXT) serves young men of color between the 7th and 11th grade who come from low income communities. Established in 2009, the organization focuses on small teams as a way of teaching young men of color about collaboration, ideation, and life skills, including the persistence necessary to take an idea to market.

TXT has several programs, all designed to provide participants with the experience, expertise, and contacts required for success in the tech industry.

Summer Coding Leadership Academy (SCLA)
Participants learn coding and entrepreneurship skills and how to create their own startup tech business.

Expands upon the topics covered and skills learned during SCLA.

Hustle N' "Code Hackathon
An event aimed at inspiring youth who live in public housing developments (i.e.. "The Projects") to address pressing issues in their communities using technology.

TXT Labs
Cutting-edge software development and technology consulting firm that helps clients and organizations innovate and achieve sustained success while empowering untapped youth to work alongside its team of expert developers and designers. Services include software and mobile app development, website design, and much more.

TXT Culture
Leadership program that helps position its graduates for admission to college and for future jobs as a result of interactions with potential mentors at tech firms and academic institutions.

Selected Awards
Leadership Award, James Irvine Foundation, 2018









Oscar Menjivar
Founder & CEO

Los Angeles

Area served:
Greater Los Angeles

# of employees:

Organizational model:
Nonprofit (donations + earned income)

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