Sam Polk


Sam Polk is Co-Founder and the CEO of Everytable, restaurants featuring nutritutious and affordable food with prices based upon the income level of the comunity in which they are located. 

He’s also the Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit Groceryships, which provides families in South Los Angeles with fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains and other fresh health foods for six months, during which they attend group sessions where they learn cooking and shopping skills and work on techniques to change eating habits. 

Sam grew up in LA and witnessed the city’s inequality while helping his mom run homeless medical clinics in Skid Row. Years later, after noticing families in low-income areas struggling with access to healthy food, he started Groceryships, a nonprofit working at the intersection of poverty and obesity. 

Prior to becoming a social entrepreneur, Sam was a hedge fund trader on Wall Street. Sam’s memoir, For The Love of Money, was published in 2016. In the book, he chronicles his disenchantent with work on Wall Street and his search for a more meaningful professional path.

He is a graduate of Columbia University and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. 


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