Everytable's mission is to make good, nutritious food available to everyone, regardless of their neighborhood or economic circumstances. It's a new "grab and go" restaurant concept--a social enterprise that prices its meals according to the neighborhoods it serves. 

Everytable's executive chief Craig Hopson was formerly cooking at the acclaimed New York restaurant Le Cirque. Now, he is creating and cooking healthy offerings for the residents of South Los Angeles and soon, downtown Los Angeles. Residents of South Los Angeles pay an average of $4.50 for an entree; those in the gentrifying downtown Los Angeles will pay an average of $9. 

Everytable hires from the communities in which its stores are located. Many of its employees are graduates from nonprofits like Groceryships, which provides free vegetables and education regarding nutrition, and The Right Way Foundation, which supports former foster kids.

Everytable's investors, including the TOMS Social Entrepreneurship Fund, created by Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS, anticipate expanding the model beyond California in 2017. 

For more, check out the Everytable's website and read this New York Times article

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