LA+Acumen is a self-organized, volunteer-led group that seeks to inspire and empower like-minded individuals in Los Angeles who are passionate about supporting Acumen's mission to create a world beyond poverty.

The Los Angeles chapter is one of 17 +Acumen chapters around the world sharing the principles of patient capital, cultivating an understanding of Acumen's values, and putting these principles into practice in the Los Angeles.

LA+Acumen's goal is to raise awareness and support Acumen, a nonprofit that is changing the way the world tackles poverty by investing in entrepreneurs that are building transformative businesses that can effectively and sustainably serve the poor. Acumen currently invests in businesses and entrepreneurs in India, Pakistan, East Africa and West Africa.

Acumen's vision is that one day every human being will have access to critical goods and services they need -- including affordable health, water, housing, energy, agricultural inputs and services -- so that they can make decisions and choices for themselves and unleash their full human potential.

There are two main ways for Angelenos to become involved with LA+Acumen: volunteering and attending events. The group hosts periodic educational and social events and is always looking for committed volunteers to help plan these activities. The group also organizes an annual photo auction which benefits Acumen.

This is an amazing event that brings together members of the LA+Acumen community and also supports a nonprofit organization that is changing the way the world fights poverty. There are many ways to assist in the planning of the photo auction; from joining a planning committee, to volunteering as an event photographer to encouraging your company to become an event sponsor, there are no shortage of ways to get involved!

LA+Acumen encourages you to attend its events. Each year, in addition to the Dignity Photo Auction, the group hosts events such as Acumen 101 (an educational event), dinner salons (where a development issue is discussed) and happy hours to build community.

Acumen's investments have touched the lives of tens of millions of people. From ambulances to electricity, Acumen has $73 million of approved investments in 65 breakthrough enterprises that serve the poor.

To learn more about Acumen's impact, please read, "From Blueprint to Scale: The Case for Philanthropy in Impact Investing."

In the words of the LA+Acumen steering committee, "Los Angeles is a city full of innovative people and many of these individuals are seeking new ways of addressing systemic problems around the world. We are excited to find so many Angelenos interested in Acumen's unique approach to addressing poverty. We look forward to seeing you at an LA+Acumen event!"



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