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LA Voice rallies for path to citizenship for undocumented residents in 2013.

LA Voice is an interfaith, multi-racial community organization that awakens people to their own voice, training them to speak, act and work together to transform our County into one that reflects the dignity of all people. All people have power and a voice. Every day, LA Voice amplifies that power by uniting diverse faith voices and equipping leaders to change conditions that keep their families and communities in poverty and create abundant life for all. 

Religious congregations have long been de facto community centers where people come together to identify and solve the issues faced by their members and their larger community. LA Voice gives congregations the training and tools to improve their communities and amplify their impact by connecting to others across the county and focusing on systems.

Churchgoers who are concerned about their undocumented members who lack healthcare coverage can host a MyHealthLA enrollment fair then connect to interfaith efforts across the county to make sure no one is left behind. Members of a mosque worried about the success of their formerly incarcerated members can help them change their criminal records through Prop 47 and then push for policies to open up jobs and housing and rehabilitation opportunities. Jews from a Westside congregation who want to help those less fortunate than they are, rather than simply sending charitable contributions, can work side by side with people from across the county to make life better for everyone.

Through the LA Voice network of 53 congregations across LA County, the organization reaches 50,000 families and directly engages more than 4,000 people in community action and education each year. Congregational “local organizing committees” meet monthly to identify the most important issues for their community, connect to local, county-wide and state strategies, and get leadership training that develops the skills they need to make an impact.

 LA Voice is an independent organization and a member of PICO National Network and participates in and leads collective state and national campaigns alongside 55 sister organizations. The geographic area served by LA Voice spans LA County with congregations in Hollywood, West Adams, South LA, Compton, Inglewood, Pasadena, East LA, West LA, and portions of the San Fernando and San Gabriel Valley. 70% of our volunteer leaders are immigrant, 90% are very low to moderate income, and approximately 75% are women. 

LA Voice leaders are working to improve their communities through the following areas of work: immigrant integration, criminal justice and reentry, and economic dignity (with a focus on affordable housing, equitable transit-oriented development, and good, local jobs). 



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Los Angeles

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Rallying for affordable housing in Los Angeles
Celebrating the signing of legislation enabling undocumented residents to have a drivers license.