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will.i.am explains the genesis of the i.am.angel foundation and his commitment to Boyle Heights, his hometown.

When seven-time Grammy award winning musician, producer, director, entrepreneur and philanthropist will.i.am was young, his hometown of Boyle Heights was a thriving industrial area. Today, it's an industrial desert.

will.i.am's dream is to transform the neighborhood and the world--to connect talented people and people with skills to build businesses and help give people pride, direction and the opportunity to foster growth and a healthy future. Says will.i.am, "We need to rebuild America for those who dream big and have a sense of community. That's what we're trying to do." 

will.i.am launched the i.am.angel foundation in 2009 to TRANS4M lives through education, inspiration and opportunity. As a part of his commitment to philanthropy, will.i.am and the i.am.angel foundation administer charitable activities and programs targeted toward providing college scholarships (i.am.scholarship), financial literacy and home mortgage assistance (i.am.Home) and college preparation and student life (i.am College Track). The foundation's particular passion is promoting and expanding STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics).

In February 2012, will.i.am and the i.am.angel foundation held its first TRANS4M conference and benefit concert targeted toward the TRANS4Mation of will.i.am's home town of Boyle Heights. The conference brought together over 300 inspirational thinkers, philanthropic leaders and global brands to mobilize opportunities in this underserved community. The next TRANS4M conference will take place in early 2014.







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