Gifts for Good


The mission of Gifts for Good is to change the way the world gifts.

While working in the nonprofit space, the co-founders of Gifts for Good saw that most of the organizations relied heavily on donations and grants. While many of them were making and selling their own products to better sustain themselves, they lacked the resources necessary to reach a greater audience and grow their impact.

Additionally, while working in the corporate world, the co-founders saw how commonplace it was for companies to give gifts to their employees and clients. Most of these gifts were just cheesy novelty products that ended up in a junk drawer.

They created Gifts for Good to serve companies and professionals with high quality goods that people will love to give and love to receive. It is the first company ever to fully focus on adding social impact to the corporate gifting industry.

When one purchases a gift, a portion of the price goes to support a particular cause in a specific way. For instance, the purchase of a handmade leather backpack provides eight days of schooling for a child in Honduras.

The social enterprise supports the work of over 40 nonprofits and social enterprises in 19 states and 65 countries around the globe--in Africa, Asia, Central and South America, North America, and Europe.

Click here for an interview with Gifts for Good Co-Founder and CEO Laura Hertz.  



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Gifts with social impact


Laura Hertz
CEO & Co-Founder

West Los Angeles


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