Founding Director Patricia S. Gordon, MD on the Story Behind CureCervicalCancer

CureCervicalCancer (CCC) is dedicated to the early detection and prevention of cervical cancer around the globe for the women who need it most.

The Problem 
Over half a million women acquire cervical cancer annually, and more than 300,000 women die of the disease each year. 87% of new cases occur in resource-poor countries with limited access to screening. This is all the more distressing because cervical cancer is nearly 100% preventable.

The "See and Treat" Method
By using low-tech resources in a single visit, the CCC medical team spots pre-cancerous lesions and treats them immediately through a minimally invasive freezing procedure that has an 85-90% cure rate.

"Clinic in a Suitcase"
All the equipment needed to build a cervical cancer prevention clinic fits inside a single suitcase.

By providing proper equipment and carefully training local staff to "See and Treat", CCC creates a self-sustaining prevention clinic that can serve thousands.



Patricia Gordon, MD
Founding Director &
Chair of the Board

Beverly Hills

Area served:
Developing countries

# of employees:

Organizational model:
Nonprofit (donations)

Guidestar Report


Training begins on the island of Ukerewe
Training locals in Rombo, Tanzania in cancer detection