Creative Action: an Integrated Learning Program, Otis College of Art and Design


Creative Action: an Integrated Learning Program at Otis provides Bachelor of Fine Arts students with a series of collaborative experiences that extend beyond the boundaries of their academic majors and applies their knowledge to real world challenges.

This unique initiative comprises a series of collaborative and community experiences. Students work in trans-disciplinary teams in tandem with a community and/or corporate sponsor. They focus on team building, researching and addressing the needs of their partners as well as implementing real-world solutions when possible. The goal is to extend the traditional boundaries of the classroom and respond to community challenges using students’ diverse visions.

Partners have included such organizations as Global Green USA, Breathe California of Los Angeles, the Surfrider Foundation and Homeboy Industries, among many others.


Otis College of Art and Design

Creative Action: an Integrated Learning Program

Richard Shelton

West LA (Main Campus)