Violence Prevention Coalition of Greater Los Angeles


The Violence Prevention Coalition of Greater Los Angeles unifies and strengthens the voices of member organizations and individuals committed to ending the epidemic of violence by providing education, resources, facilitation, and policy advocacy.

The VPC is a network of public and nonprofit agencies that promote a prevention-based approach to violence. Members represent the areas of public health, law, gun violence prevention, domestic violence prevention, probation, law enforcement, gang intervention, child abuse prevention, victim support services, early childhood, faith community, and youth development.

Over the past twenty years, the VPC has been at the forefront of the movement to frame violence as a public health issue. As one of the leading causes of death among our young people nationwide, violence is an epidemic that needs to be recognized, named, and treated with the same investment we give lethal diseases. It compromises community health, and creates and exacerbates health inequities. 

VPC creates an opportunity to achieve goals that individual members or organizations would be unable to reach on their own, and facilitates increased collaboration and leveraging of resources. In so doing, the VPC serves as a hub for members to find resources, network, and collaborate with other organizations, as well as being an anchor organization that helps faith- and community-based organizations unify their voice and maximize impact on a systems level.

Most importantly, the VPC has been able to be a critically needed neutral third party to support the building and strengthening of coalitions and collaborations across Los Angeles to create integrated solutions and practice while also advancing collective policy goals.

Community Partners is the fiscal agent of the Violence Prevention Coalition of Greater Los Angeles.

Selected awards
Social Innovation Fast Pitch, 2013

Local Hero
Awarded to VPC Founder Billie Weiss, KCET, 2012




















Kaile Shilling
Coalition Director

Downtown Los Angeles

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Los Angeles County

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Statue made from liquified guns
VPC protests proposed statewide ban on the open carry of firearms. Pasadena, 2011