Terra Education


Terra Education seeks to inspire people to realize their potential to transform the world through high quality educational programming. Its flagship program is Global Leadership Adventures, a short term study abroad program, which sends high school students to developing countries to work under grassroots leaders who are changing the world one community at a time.

Its participants volunteer with community-based organizations to refurbish schools, mentor children, build homes and plant vegetable and medicinal gardens. In addition to the annual 25,000 hours of volunteer labor its students contribute, Terra Education allocates a percentage of its revenue to finance community development projects in these communities.

Terra Education also works with nonprofit organizations to actively recruit students from low-income and underrepresented backgrounds and provide in-kind scholarships to these students so that they may have an international educational experience.

In addition to the opportunities Terra Education provides in the United States, it partners with schools in Africa to recruit African students to participate in their programs in order to be part of the movement to develop the next generation of African leaders.

Company Highlights:

Workers: Pays majority of health insurance premiums for workers and their families; Provides life insurance and health insurance for employees 

Community: > 50% of the company is owned by non-accredited investors; > 40% of the company is owned by underrepresented populations own; >75% of employees took time off for community service last year, Targets low-income populations

Environment: >75% of printed materials use recycled paper content; Has installed energy efficient lighting and HVAC programs 


Product or Service:
Educational Travel Programs


Andrew Montiwalla
Co-Founder and CEO

San Diego


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Certified B Corporation: