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Re-Book It is a free community service provided by The Last Bookstore, a large used bookstore in a renovated bank building that features music and art installations in downtown Los Angeles. The program was created for 3 purposes:

  • To ensure that no books end up in landfills, but instead find new homes in the hands of readers.
  • To provide low-cost books and raise funds for local libraries, charities, hospitals, and schools. Preserving literacy in Los Angeles one box of books at a time. A portion of the books in every donation or the funds raised from every donation goes back to the local community in a charitable, constructive way.
  • To help preserve one of the last remaining independent bookstores in Los Angeles by providing it with books it can sell to book-lovers at affordable prices. The Last Bookstore is a vibrant gathering place in downtown LA for artists, writers, readers, children, students, and creative people of all kinds!

Re-Book It's staff identify the best possible home for each book. Some go to local charities like Friends of the Library or homeless shelters, or to hospitals or schools. A few are sold to readers, collectors, or students, raising funds for the continuation of the program and for partner charities. Books that we can't find a home for are recycled, saving trees. No book is ever thrown away.

Re-Book It provides a pick up service. See its website for additional information regarding free pick up and other details. For a 2013 Los Angeles Times article on The Last Bookstore, click here.


Service Provided:
Free pick-up of donated books

Josh Spencer

Downtown Los Angeles

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Service of The Last Bookstore

Books donated to Re-Book It don't end up in landfills; they are given to readers.