Hidden Los Angeles

Discovered this 1961 "Take a Ride on the Last Red Car" video on the Hidden LA site.

Hidden Los Angeles explores and embraces Los Angeles as a place and a culture. 

Hidden Los Angeles believes that the "real" LA isn't about celebrities. As its founder W. Lynn Garrett observes, "contrary to what you see on television, in reality LA is a complex melting pot of a million unexpected layers, just like its inhabitants. Hidden Los Angeles helps you to look below the surface and look deeper."

The Hidden Los Angeles website and Facebook page focuses primarily on the things that make our city iconic to those who know it best--the idiocyncratic nooks and crannies of our neighborhoods, the landmarks (past and present), the fun and inspiring community events, and much more. 

Hidden Los Angeles is more than just a website or Facebook page. Besides offering online content, it's also building real community through a range of contests, events, and tours that enable residents (and visitors) to physically discover our city and become more active participants in our local culture.











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