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Here to Serve envisions mobilized support for every child or young parent's cancer journey from the point of diagnosis throughout treatment. We envision physical, financial, emotional help and resources for caregivers and families provided in ONE place. Eliminate the stress of researching and contacting a plethora of splintered resources to get needs met. Cancer is a three-legged stool, not two! Research, Treatment, AND Journey! The journey is as serious and consequential as cancer research and hospitals that treat. Therefore, Here to Serve envisions the cancer journey being given the same awareness, support, and funding. The truth is, THE JOURNEY MATTERS!

Here to Serve believes a child or young parent's cancer diagnosis is a life-altering "journey." For that reason, the care and support of the family are required to prevent parent(s) from losing their physical and mental health, home, job, and entering into bankruptcy. Therefore, they provide wraparound services to meet the daily living needs of families with infant, toddler, and school-aged children navigating cancer.

Easing the burden of daily living, Here to Serve identifies, collaborates, and organizes people and resources to help families with meals, laundry, household chores, yard, pet and child care, transportation, respite, insurance, legal issues, financial assistance, and more. The organization has developed a Service Database of over 2,500 organizations from which it draws resources to assist its patients and their families.

Volunteers can help sponsor fund-raising events; participate in the care community of someone they know who is going through cancer; be an administrator to a care community for a friend or loved one; help secure needed items for patients; volunteer the services of their businesses; help Here to Serve share its message through social media as an influencer with others who may need its assistance; volunteer for its annual FUNraiser, dinner and auction committees; be an Ambassador for Here to Serve at your company, church, civic organization, child's school, etc.; and finally volunteer administrative assistance to the organization.

Here to Serve changes lives and makes the cancer journey more bearable...even hopeful.



Kathleen M. Quintas
Founder & CEO


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Southern CA

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