Children's Institute, Inc.

CII receives American Institute of Architect's 2012 award for interior spaces. Koenig Eizenberg Architects.

There is a crisis in Los Angeles. For far too many children here, violence is a daily fact of life. 50,000 reports of child abuse/neglect are filed annually. This is more than 400 a day, 17 an hour.

Police respond to 43,000 reports of domestic violence, many involving children.

When children are traumatized by violence, their chances of growing up to lead healthy, productive lives is threatened. They are more likely to fail in school, enter the criminal system system, and repeat the cycle. With intervention, though, the harmful effects of violence can be mitigated and the cycle broken.

That's why Children's Institute, Inc. (CII) serves more than 22,000 children and their families in the city's most challenged neighborhoods, and trains more than 9,000 professionals in the realm of child development, mental health and welfare.

CII provides healing so traumatized children can recover and lead healthy lives, while working to shape the field of children's services through innovative research, demonstration projects, and professionally accredited training programs.

CII's support groups include The Colleagues, The Colleague Helpers in Philanthropic Service (C.H.I.P.S.), Les Amies, and Philanthropic Society Los Angeles (P.S.L.A.)

Click here to learn about CII's forthcoming facility in Watts. Internationally renown architect Frank Gehry is donating his design services to the project.

Selected Awards:

For Otis Booth Campus

AIA Award (Interior Architecture)

Green Dot Award (Build Category)





Mary M. Emmons
Executive Director

Los Angeles

Area Served:
Los Angeles County

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