Child Abuse Program at Palomar Health


"The Child Abuse Program (CAP) at Palomar Health is directly related to our ability to convict child molesters and rapists. We need the forensic interviewers, the medical doctors, and the sexual assault nurses as witnesses to effectively prosecutre all of our rape and child molestation cases. Without CAP, San Diego's most serious criminals may not be effectively held accountable."
Bonnie Dumanis, District Attorney, San Diego County

Since 1984 CAP has helped more than 15,000 children, adolescents, and adults. It is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and sees on average 350 children and 200 adults each year. Its service area includes all of North San Diego County and the surrounding communities, including Camp Pendleton and five Native American reservations.

CAP is a nationally recognized model, endorsed by the American Bar Association and accredited by the National Children's Alliance, for the evaluation of child abuse in a setting designed to be child and victim friendly. Its well-coordinated and multi-disciplinary response approach acknowledges the negative impact of well-meaning but untrained investigators, as recognized by American Cop Magazine's November/December 2011 issue.

Despite the demonstrated need of CAP's services and its national reputation for excellence, it has only one full-time professional and 10 highly trained part-time professionals. They gather the forensic evidence used in court for every single crime of abuse against a child and adult sexual assault victims in North Sa Diego County and help victims by serving as expert witnesses. 

CAP is actively seeking private support to fund its vitally important programming. If the funds are not raised, the program will shut down on December 31, 2013.

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Kimberlly Rideout Cardoso
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