A Better LA

Residents of LA's inner city address the need for A Better LA

A Better LA (ABLA), founded by NFL coach Pete Carroll, is a nonprofit organization that supports community-based solutions to prevent gangs, restore peace, save lives, and give Angelenos living in inner city LA the resources they need in order to thrive. 

ABLA works with trusted partners to bridge racial divides, create safer environments for children and families, rebuild communities, and empower individuals to create better futures for themselves. Click here to hear actress Sharon Stone, a member of the ABLA Board of Directors, discuss its impressive track record on "The Talk." 

ABLA offers mentorship opportunities to at-risk youth, provides financial support systems for families, runs after-school sports and recreational programs, establishes food banks and distribution centers, and operates "safe passage" programs for children to walk safely to and from school. ABLA also helps whose who've served time in jail reclaim their lives, by teaching them life and job skills that empower them to become productive employees, citizens, and community members.

ABLA operates A Better Thrift Shop in Huntington Park. All proceeds from the shop are directly invested into the communities the organization serves.



Rowan Vansleve
Chief Executive Officer

Downtown Los Angeles

Area served:
Los Angeles County

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Snoop Dog at A Better LA event
Pete Carroll, A Better LA's founder