Beautycounter is built on the belief that better products are possible and available, and that healthy communities are built household-by- household, family-by-family, and person-by-person.

Higher Standards: There are 1300 chemicals banned or restricted from personal care products in the EU. The U.S. bans only 11. In the absence of meaningful cosmetics regulation in our country, Beautycounter has taken it upon themselves to create a unique and stringent set of standards that consider consumers’ long-term health. They source their ingredients based on performance, safety, and cost and favor organic and natural ingredients, and non-GMO raw materials whenever possible. Beautycounter formulates and manufactures their products in the U.S. Their Never List is a group of toxic chemicals whose harmful effects are beyond debate. The Beautycounter ingredient selection process is unlike any other in the industry: each ingredient is evaluated for health, safety, and performance before it is considered for formulation. They don’t keep secrets. 

The Choices We Make Today Matter Tomorrow: Beautycounter chooses product packaging based on performance, safety, recyclability, and cost, and sources materials made in the U.S.A. whenever possible. They are exploring the use of glass and bio-based plastics, but in the meantime favor plastics that are not known to leach toxic chemicals, and those with high post-consumer recycled content and which are recyclable in most communities. Secondary packaging is kept to a minimum and we use recycled and FSC-certified paper for packaging and shipping materials.

Stronger Together: Beautycounter is proud to call Environmental Working Group (EWG), 
The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, and Healthy Child Healthy World their trusted nonprofits. When they join Beautycounter, every Beautycounter Member and Consultant has the option to donate $10 to one of these organizations. In addition to being part of the Benefit Corporation community, Beautycounter is also a member of the American Sustainable Business Council, the Biz-NGO Working Group, the Direct Selling Association, and the Safe Cosmetics Business Network.

Offsetting Carbon Emissions: Beautycounter is a CarbonFree partner of They offset their carbon footprint from the office energy and paper use, travel, manufacturing, and shipping. Beautycounter is an environmentally conscious office and as the company grows, they pledge to always look for ways to keep our environmental footprint small.


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