Amplify is a startup that is run by a team of entrepreneurs and visionaries. It expects to benefit from the community that it is building as much as its members will. For Amplify, making a real impact in the Los Angeles startup ecosystem is at the heart of its strategy.
The company amplifies startups by providing seed funding, access to additional capital, and an unmatched team of mentors and advisors who have a unique connection to media and entertainment.

Amplify’s accelerator program consists of four months of intense collaboration designed to help entrepreneurs amplify their businesses far beyond where they are today. It provides up to $50,000 in seed funding, free workspace at its Venice campus and hands-on mentorship from its team.  Its companies also benefit from a variety of free or highly discounted services including hosting, legal, banking and more. 
Amplify is planning a wide range of high quality events and an ongoing educational curriculum designed to teach entrepreneurship and foster innovation. The goal is to bring the best, brightest and most interesting people together.
Amplify is currently renovating the historic building at 1600 Main Street, which was designed by architect Steven Ehrlich. The 10,000 square foot property, where part of the Venice roller coaster once stood, will soon be a central hub for LA’s tech scene. When finished, Amplify’s facility will be home to dozens of startups and a nucleus of tech entrepreneurship.


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