About This Website

This website is a dynamic and changing resource for those interested in knowing about or supporting social entrepreneurism in LA and Southern California. It provides information regarding social sector organizations, social venture businesses, inventors of humanitarian products, educational programs, funding sources, news and more. In the months ahead, we will introduce "Doing Good Beyond LA," which will parallel the "Doing Good in LA" section and provide information of interest to local social entrepreneurs regarding national and international initiatives, funding sources, prizes, and much more.

This is a curated site. While we present useful information, we also shine a light on organizations and businesses in the hope of encouraging innovation that results in greater demonstrable impact.

There is no commonly accepted methodology for measuring either. Because the definition of a socially entrepreneurial entity is elastic, there is no common understanding as to what is “innovative.” To us, “innovation” represents significant changes of strategy based upon an in-depth understanding of the need to be addressed~~innovation that results in a potentially transformative product or a promising new delivery system. Likewise, there is no standard for measuring impact within or across sectors, though organizations like the Southern-CA based Focusing Philanthropy and Find to Fund along with the SF-based GiveWell and the Washington, D.C-based Guidestar and Charity Navigator are taking admirable steps to do so.

Some of the organizations covered are promising start-ups, others are established entities that are particularly innovative in pursuing their goals, still others are organizations that are admirable though not particularly innovative. We hope that organizations using outmoded strategies and tactics will be inspired by the work of others who are on the cutting edge of addressing societal needs. We are also shining a light on organizations that demonstrate impressive impact--organizations that can prove that they are making a difference through reliable data.

In addition, we are highlighting some businesses that have a social mission, an area that is experiencing significant growth in Southern California. These social venture businesses include B corporations, Certified B corporations, and triple bottom line businesses. See the Models and Defintions section of this website for more information.

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Disclaimer: The information posted on this site regarding organizations, businesses, resources, services, etc. does not necessarily express or suggest endorsement of any of these entities. Because the information provided is drawn from organizational and business websites and publically available documents, Do Good LA cannot make representations as to the accuracy of the information. Readers of this website should conduct their own due diligence on the entities that are described on its pages.