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REthink Development is an innovative real estate development and consulting company focused on leveraging green building practices and high performance building technologies to build higher value, healthier, and more environmentally sound communities and workplaces for the future. They advance real estate development by mixing the right technology, design, innovation, and market positioning to deliver a product that smartly differentiates itself in the marketplace.

REthink's development practice focuses on building compelling and unique projects in high quality infill locations in California. Its consulting practice advises partner developers, building owners, and corporations how to make their development projects or exiting buildings ‘go green’ and obtain LEED Certification. Through these practice areas REthink strives to meet the need for green high performance buildings.

REthink Development endeavors to improve the urban living environment by going beyond “green” building to not only improve the environmental and health performance of buildings but to preserve and enhance the cultural importance of places to build better communities.

In its Contextual Development process REthink looks at the unique environmental, cultural, and historic aspects of a site to enable places to emerge organically. The community fabric in which they exist is enhanced by creating a meaningful development that incorporates the story of the place.

REthink’s set of core competencies across the interconnected built and energy environments provides the perspective, knowledge, and know-how to understand the full energy and green marketplace. With this expertise we capitalize on immediate and future green economic opportunities. We approach projects from both a financial and ownership perspective with the intrinsic knowledge that comes from the experience of self-performing the green building and renewable energy work. The result is clearly being able to link sustainable measures to economic performance with firsthand knowledge and expertise through the entire process.


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Real estate development


Greg Reitz
Founder and Principal

Culver City


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