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Relief International (RI) is a humanitarian nonprofit agency that provides emergency relief, rehabilitation, development assistance, and program services to vulnerable communities worldwide.  RI is solely dedicated to reducing human suffering and is non-political and non-sectarian. Its mission is to:

  • Serve the needs of the most vulnerable--particularly women and children, victims of natural disasters and civil conflicts, and the poor--with a specific focus on neglected groups and cases.
  • Provide holistic, multi-sector, sustainable, and pro-poor programs that bridge emergency relief and long-term development at the grassroots level.
  • Empower communities by building capacity and by maximizing local resources in both program design and implementation.
  • Promote self-reliance, peaceful coexistence, and reintegration of marginalized communities.
  • Protect lives from physical injury or death and/or psychological trauma where present.
  • Uphold the highest professional norms in program delivery, including accountability to beneficiaries and donors alike.

RI focuses on serving people who typically have not received due attention, and in several large-scale crises it has been the first US-based agency to provide high-impact development emergency programming to communities in need.

RI is distinctive in that it dedicates itself to seeking and addressing the long-term developmental needs of its beneficiaries even while in the emergency phase. The agency recognizes that disasters have the most negative impact on the lives of the poor; yet disasters, and especially the movement of the populations, can also bring about unexpected, positive social change. This context can therefore serve as a window of opportunity for eradicating poverty and social injustice.

Among RI’s current initiatives is the sale of Gyapa Cookstones in Ghana, which reduce indoor air pollution (including carbon), last longer, reduce fuel costs, and are safer than traditional cookstoves. It is also partnering with YouthBuild USA to start a domestic program providing job training to young people in Boyle Heights. This is a great opportunity for the organization to share its global approach with our local community.

Since 1991, RI has worked in over 30 developing countries, but the organization has never lost its connection to its home base, Los Angeles. Supporting a local charity allows you to see impact of your work more directly. RI regularly hosts public events to share news from the field and to explain how they do their work.

Check out RI’s website for more information and ways in which you can become involved.



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