PATH Beyond Shelter


PATH Beyond Shelter was established in 1985 in response to the increasing numbers of homeless families in Los Angeles and the need for a more comprehensive approach to serving them. Today, PATH's mission is to develop systemic approaches to combat poverty and homelessness among families with children, and to enhance family economic security and well-being.

PATH helps homeless families, who are referred by more than 40 partnering shelters throughout Los Angeles County, to move as quickly as possible into permanent, affordable housing. Employment services, benefits advocacy, financial assistance, proactive landlord outreach, and housing search services are intended to help families overcome income and credit barriers to housing stability and economic security. 

Among PATH's programs are the Family Solutions Center, which provides a single, centralized point of access for families in need of a range of services, and the First 5 Program, which serves very young children and their families who are involved with the child welfare system.



Joel John Roberts
Chief Executive Officer

Los Angeles

Area served:
Los Angeles County & CA

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Organizational model:
Nonprofit (donations)

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