Los Angeles Community Impact


Los Angeles Community Impact (LACI) is a pro-bono student consulting organization at USC that strengthens nonprofits and small businesses in the Los Angeles area by addressing their business-related challenges.

Grounded in a powerful service-learning concept, LACI both improves the Los Angeles community through consulting and fosters the personal and professional growth of the next generation of business leaders.

Each semester, LACI members are divided into teams of 4-5 student consultants and paired with clients for 10-week (or semester long) consulting projects. With the guidance of Team Leaders and the LACI Board, each team regularly engages with its selected client, professor mentors, and fellow LACI members to pursue the following goals:

  • Identify the client's business-related challenges
  • Conduct research to find practical solutions
  • Develop a final deliverable of strategic recommendations

LACI is the first student organization at USC to emphasize a complete focus on service-learning. Service-learning is the idea that students can learn real-world, applicable skills while performing valuable services for the community. LACI consultants use and practice skillls that are necessary in the nonprofit and small business world.

LACI ultimately creates a symbiotic relationship with a community partner--members gain valuable experiences from the project while the client and community benefits from its work. To date, LACI has had the honor of working with over 100 nonprofit organizations and small businesses in Los Angeles to achieve their goals.

To learn more about LACI, click here. To see LACI's past clients, click here.


Services Offered:
Pro-bono consulting


University of Southern California

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