Food Forward


Food Forward is a volunteer powered grassroots group of Angelenos who care about reconnecting our food system and making a change around urban hunger. The organization seeks to reconnect our community with the abundance of food already present in our everyday lives, while creating change around the issues of urban hunger, food waste and food justice.

Food Forward’s volunteers convene at properties to which they have been invited to harvest the residents’ excess fruits and vegetables, donating 100% to local food pantries across Southern California.

Food Forward  tracks its gleaning results by the number of pounds picked and the number of servings of fresh fruit donated to the hungry. As of March 24, 2013, the organization had harvested 1,367,050 pounds of fruit and vegetables. Food Forward tracks its community building goals by the number of picks, the number of volunteers, and the number of agencies in its distribution network.

Food Forward welcomes energetic volunteers interested in any aspect of the organization--fruit and vegetable picking, community research, volunteer leadership, property scouting, and much more.

Selected Awards:
Audience Favorite Award
Social Innovation Fast Pitch, 2010



Nick Nahmias
Founder & Executive Director

Meg Glasser
Managing Director

North Hollywood

Area Served:
Southern CA

# of Employees:

(Donations + Earned Income)

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