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Our planet is facing a water crisis, yet we waste 5% of our diminishing fresh water supply just to carry away urine. By replacing your flush with a Falcon Waterfree urinal, you can save an average of 40,000 gallons or more of fresh water per year.

Falcon's waterless system uses no water or energy and eliminates carbon dioxide emissions that are produced as a byproduct of water treatment. Plus, the system is hygienic--since the Falcon is touch-free, the chance of bacteria spreading via the urinal is minimized.

How does the Falcon work? It has a high tech gravity design that directs the urine into a sealed chamber that holds an odor preventing cartridge. Click here to learn how and when to replace a cartridge. 

The Hollywood Bowl, Staples Center and the Walt Disney Concert Hall are among the Los Angeles institutions that are helping to solve the water crisis through the use of Falcon urinals.

Great for the environment and for your wallet. And for the community--Falcon donates its urinals to community parks. In addition, the company has partnered with the Metropolitan Water District and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to provide rebates. Learn more!

Falcon Waterfree Technologies has demonstrated its commitment to positive social change through its certification as a B-Corporation. Click here to read about its business philosophy and impact. 




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Falcons at Hollywood Bowl