Eisner Prize


The Eisner Prize for Intergenerational Excellence is a $100,000 cash award annually given by The Eisner Foundation. It is designed to recognize excellence by an individual or nonprofit organization in uniting multiple generations, especially seniors and youth, to bring about positive and lasting change in their community.

The Eisner Foundation believes that society’s most daunting challenges require complex solutions involving the participation of all of our society’s citizens.The Eisner Prize is a means of identifying and rewarding those individuals and organizations in the United States who have utilized children and seniors as assets and vehicles to affect positive change.

The foundation intends to replicate the program or idea of the Prize winner. If, for instance, the Prize winner is not from Los Angeles, the foundation will endeavor to replicate the program or idea in our community. If, on the other hand, the Prize winner were from Los Angeles, the foundation would consider helping to fund an expansion of the currently-existing program or idea.

The Eisner Foundation’s staff assesses applicants in accordance with a data-driven methodology. Criteria for evaluation include demonstrated efficiency, effectiveness, exceptional leadership and outcomes.

2014: Bridge Meadows, Portland, OR
2013: Motion Picture & Television Fund, Los Angeles, CA
2012: AARP Experience Corps, Washington, D.C.
2011: Nancy Henkin, Intergenerational Center at Temple Univ., Philadelphia, PA



Trent Stamp
Executive Director

Beverly Hills


Prize Amount:

Guidestar Report

Michael & Jane Eisner with reps from Bridge Meadow, recipients of 2013 Eisner Prize.
Michael Eisner with reps from Motion Picture & Television Fund, recipients of 2013 Eisner Prize