Crystal Bay Solutions


Crystal Bay Solutions LLC offers its clients effective, efficient and affordable team workflow software applications that do exactly what you require and no more than what you require, at a price you can afford. It achieves this by offering you a choice of:

  • Pre-built applications that work for your needs out of the box; or
  • Affordable customization so the applications fit exactly what you need with no more complexity than you need; or
  • Custom developed solutions when you have unique database or application requirements.

Crystal Bay Solutions' run on the affordable Inuit QuickBase® online platform and enable you to replace spreadsheet or other database type applications with custom workgroup solutions that have automated notifications, alerts and reporting.

Using the "easy-to-learn" QuickBase® platform, Crystal Bay delivers custom solutions at prices and in timeframes dramatically below what is required using conventional software development. Many clients return their entire investment in just the first year of operations.

Some representative examples:

  • Custom Customer Relationship Management
  • HR Management
  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Customer Project and Service Implementation Tracking
  • Product Manufacturing Tracking
  • Custom Project Management of all sorts
  • A suite of compelling nonprofit solutions



Product or Service:
Custom online workflow 


Cullen Coates
Chief Executive Officer

Larkspur, CA with
rep in West Hollywood

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