Committee for Greater LA


The Committee for Greater LA assembled civic leaders at the start of the COVID pandemic to prioritize the recovery of LA County’s most marginalized communities. The Committee came together to demonstrate what can happen when civic leaders align to a north star of pursuing racial and economic equity through system change.

It is a cross-sectoral group of Angelenos who share a vision that our region’s response to the COVID pandemic can advance systems change and dismantle the institutions and policies that have perpetuated institutional racism.

In September 2020, the Committee released a comprehensive, landmark report, in partnership with UCLA and USC, No Going Back: Together for an Equitable and Inclusive Los Angeles.

Funded by philanthropy and produced with partners at UCLA and USC, the "No Going Back Report"contains:

  • groundbreaking data and context about how COVID lifted the veil of structural racism in Los Angeles
  • guiding principles to reinvent and reimagine a more equitable LA
  • a policy blueprint for system change

Its goal is to ensure vulnerable and marginalized communities will be better off than they were before the crisis. 

There is #NoGoingBackLA.