Climate Cents


Climate Cents connects you to local initiatives that fight climate change and make Los Angeles a better place. 

The organization identifies initiatives in Los Angeles that are reducing greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels or scrubbing carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere. These initiatives include: kelp forest reforestation, tree planting, urban farming, electronics recycling, and rooftop solar energy for agencies serving the homeless.

Climate Cents then partners with trusted nonprofits working to solve these problems. Current partners include The Bay Foundation, Grid Alternatives, Kiss the Ground, Isidore Electronics Recycling and S.P.Y. (Safe Place for Youth).

Through its easy to use and fun mobile app and website, Climate Cents then engages and connects thousands of people who want to support their efforts with small donations, creating a huge collective impact across the city.

Climate Cents then reports back to you on the impact of your donation. It measures, tracks, and lets you know the specific carbon-reduction impact of each project you back. 






David Levitus
Executive Director & Co-Founder

Los Angeles

Area served:
Greater Los Angeles

# of employees:

Organizational Model:
Nonprofit (Donations)


Community Partners is the fiscal sponsor of Climate Cents.

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