Anti-Recidivism Coalition

Scott Budnick, ARC's Founder and President, receiving award from the Liberty Hill Foundation.

The Anti-Recidivism Coalition's (ARC) mission is to reduce incarceration, improve the outcomes of formerly incarcerated individuals, and to build healthier communities.

ARC seeks to accomplish this mission by employing a three-fold approach: 

  • To advocate for fair and just policies that reduce crime, decrease the use of incarceration, and serve the needs and well-being of formerly incarcerated people
  • To provide services and resources to rebuild broken men and women whoa are affected by the criminal justice system and improve outcomes
  • To build healthier communities by returning motivated, mentally prepared, men and women of high character from incarceration to crime-ridden neighborhoods to serve as ambassadors for change

In brief, ARC is a support network, a connection to services and support, and an advocate for just and fair policies.

Click here for a story on what led Scott Burdnick, producer of the Hangover movies, to become one of the most effective advocates for prison reform in California.





Scott Budnick
Founder and President

Downtown Los Angeles

Area served:
Greater Los Angeles

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ARC members with Scott Budnick, Founder and President
ARC members providing mutual support