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Abacus Wealth Partners is a national financial management firm that is committed to bringing self and global awareness as well as sustainability to investment management. They seek to achieve high investment returns, which in turn provide capital to fund philanthropic projects, as well as investments in sustainable companies without sacrificing return.

Abacus uses comprehensive financial analysis and time-tested financial strategies to create individually- tailored plans helping clients maximize their financial wealth and achieve their most important personal goals. Because they are fee-only™ and independent of any major financial services company, advice from Abacus is completely objective and their choices of planning strategies and financial instruments are unlimited.

Abacus seeks to change the world, one portfolio at a time.

• All of their investment portfolios align personal financial goals with socially responsible investments. They believe that investing in companies making a positive impact in their community increases their success and produces a high rate of return for their clients.

• They donate a minimum of 5% of their profits to charity. In addition to their socially responsible investments, they actively support their local organizations committed to making a difference in the community around them.

• Their profit-sharing compensation structures ensure that all members of the firm are financially committed to their clients' and the firms' success and are being good stewards of their own financial resources. They are focused on annual profitability to ensure the firm's longevity.


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Financial Management


Brent Kessel
Founder and CEO

Santa Monica


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